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What keeps you awake at night? Whether you’re worried about having enough money to pay your bills, a terrorist attack or economic collapse, you are not alone. Plenty of Americans have very real fears for the future. Researchers at Chapman University in Orange, California surveyed 1,541 U.S. adults nationwide to find out what gives them the heebie-jeebies. Our top 10 fears and the percentage of Americans who say they are “afraid” or “very afraid”:

Corruption of government officials: 58 percent

Cyberterrorism: 44.8 percent

Corporate tracking of personal information: 44.6 percent

Terrorist attacks: 44.4 percent

Government tracking of personal information: 41.4 percent

Bio-warfare: 40.9 percent

Identity theft: 39.6 percent

Economic collapse: 39.2 percent

Running out of money in the future: 37.4 percent

Credit card fraud: 36.9 percent

What’s Not on the top 10 list? Surprisingly, only 21.9 percent of people say they fear death. More people than that are afraid of reptiles (33 percent) and public speaking (28.4 percent). There are some fears of the supernatural, too. Almost 10 percent of us fear ghosts, while 8.5 percent are worried about zombies.