home-equityHome Equity

The equity you’ve built in your home can serve bigger purposes. Your home not only provides a shelter for you and your family, it can also provide an opportunity for a loan that can send your kids to college, help you renovate your kitchen into the one you’ve always dreamed of, or get your budget back in line by reducing interest expense so you can pay down debt faster.

Sunmark also offers options to those with little or no equity in their home. We help find the home loan that best fits your needs and budget. After all, life is too important to miss opportunities for getting the most for your money.

To find the best home loan for you, take a look at our options listed below:

HomeFlex Line of Credit

Have some equity in your home and need to access borrowed funds over a period of time because you’re doing work in stages, or you have children heading off to college? Unlike fixed loans, you don’t have to use the entire loan at once with Sunmark’s HomeFlex. You have the flexibility to use as much or as little of the line of credit as you’d like over a number of years.

Sunmark’s HomeFlex provides a low fixed rate for the first 5 years of the loan, and you only pay back what you actually borrow. Have a safety net ready for life’s adventures (good or bad) and secure a HomeFlex line of credit today! Line amounts of up to 85% of your property value available, with a renewable 5 year period to access your line prior to a 15 year period of repayment.

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HomeFlex100 Line of Credit

No equity? No problem! Similar to the HomeFlex, the low rate remains fixed for five years. This line of credit offers a great option for homeowners who have little or no equity in their home. Borrow up to 100% equity for home improvements or other projects, and pay back only the portion of the line you use.

Home Equity Loans

Do you have some equity in your home and are looking to add on, make some improvements, or just interested in consolidating existing debt to reduce financing costs? A fixed-rate home equity loan may be the right product for you!

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Home Improvement Loan

An option for borrowers who want to make small home improvements with little or no equity in their home. Borrow up to $25,000 – and enjoy a quick turnaround time that requires no appraisal.

Home Equity Fixed Rate Loans

Lock into a low-rate loan with a fixed monthly payment and a fast turnaround on your application so you can get started on your projects when you’re ready. Sunmark’s home equity loan is ideal for long-term needs, such as college tuition, ongoing home renovations, or an upcoming dream vacation. Choose from repayment periods from one to twenty years.