ATM skimming activity has increased in the Capital Region and your bank account could be at risk. New data shows incidents of the crime have increased by more than 500 percent. Criminals steal debit card numbers by putting an illegal card-reading device on an ATM. Then, hidden cameras record your PIN number when you enter it on the keypad. Your bank card can be duplicated and used, without your knowledge.

Anti skimming software has been installed on all Sunmark ATM’s, however as thieves and skimming devices get more complex, it’s still important to be vigilant.

How can you tell if an ATM has been tampered with? Watch the following videos for the most popular ways skimmers are used. If you suspect that a Sunmark ATM has been tampered with, call  866-SUNMARK.

Heading out on a vacation road trip? Watch out at the fuel pump for a threat to your debit or credit card: skimmers. Gas stations, among the last retailers to install fraud-reducing EMV-chip card readers, remain an attractive target this summer for card-skimming crews.


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