The Supervisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that the financial condition of the credit union is accurately and fairly presented in the credit union’s financial statements, ensuring that management practices and procedures are sufficient to safeguard credit union members’ assets, and assisting the board of directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the system of internal control and risk management, the audit process, and the company’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, board polices, management policies and the company’s Code of Conduct.

In order to meet these responsibilities, the committee employs an independent accounting firm to perform an annual audit of the financial statements and verify the accuracy of members’ account statements.

We also have an internal audit department, which reports directly to the committee. Their primary duties are to review and audit the system of internal controls, review compliance with laws, regulations and policies, and to provide reasonable assurance that risks are appropriately managed at the credit union. They also assist the committee in researching and investigating member complaints.

In summary, the Supervisory Committee works for the best interests of you, as a member/owner of Sunmark Federal Credit Union. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your account or the credit union’s operations, you should first contact the credit union directly. However, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the response, you can appeal the matter to the Supervisory Committee either by email or at the following address, which will conduct an additional review.

Contact the Sunmark Supervisory Committee:

Sunmark Federal Credit Union
Attn: Supervisory Committee
PO Box 14404
Albany, NY 12212


NOTE: Please use this address for Supervisory Committee correspondence ONLY. Do NOT send loan payments, insurance policies, regular mail, etc. to this address.