Did you know that Sunmark is a full-service financial institution serving the entire Capital Region? You don’t need to belong to a union or work for a certain employer to become a member. Just being part of our community is enough to give you access to everything we offer.

Sunmark’s mission is to help our members improve their financial well-being. Because we’re not-for-profit, Sunmark can offer higher rates on savings, lower rates on loans, and low- or no-cost services. Along with a wide range of financial and insurance products, Sunmark also helps our members with tools and education.

Our friendly, knowledgeable consultants are dedicated to providing personalized service that can help you through financial and life changes. Whether it’s balancing your finances, taking out a loan, or investing for your future, we’re ready to help you.

Sunmark also takes pride in our surrounding communities because we live here too! Here at Sunmark, we work with other local organizations that are also committed to improving the lives of people in the Capital District.