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By Sarah Winfrey March 4, 2016

Spring is so close! Some days, it feels like it’s just around the corner.

If you’re at all like me, that means you’re starting to get that spring cleaning itch. I find it’s especially bad when I look at my floors after my kids walk through the house.

The thing is, though, that I know it’s too early. The minute I start spring cleaning, a new storm is likely to sweep through, making it impossible to air out the house and actually get rid of all the dust I know I’ll accumulate.

Instead of actually cleaning, I am satisfying myself by getting ready to clean, which is its own process. (Yeah, I’m basically Monica Geller fromFriends, so what? A clean house is a happy house.) Here’s what I’m doing to get ready for spring cleaning, and what you can do, too.

1. Make an Appointment With Yourself

I know how busy spring can get, with practices, unexpected events, holidays, and more. So I am already penciling in time to get my house cleaned. I’ve done this enough times now that I know about how long it will take me, and that I like to work in larger chunks of time. I also know about when it will actually be warm enough to get to work, and I’m going through my schedule to find chunks of time that are at least two hours in length once that season hits.

Knowing that I have time set aside for cleaning helps me wait, because I know that I will have the time to get it done later. It also helps me feel like I’m doing something about it right now.

2. Get Your List Ready

I am making a list of everything that I want to be sure to get done this spring. While there are some tasks that I know by heart because I do them every year, there are a few that I don’t always do, and this is why I make a list.

I add every single task I can think of to the list, but I make especially sure that the things specific to this year get on it. That way, I won’t forget them. Making this list also helps me ensure that everything I want to do gets done. Also, I don’t always think of my spring cleaning tasks when I’m in front of the list, but having the list means I can add them later, when I see something that I want to be sure to do.

3. Make a Playlist

I love having a clean house, but I don’t always like the actual cleaning, so it’s a good thing that music makes everything better! Right now, when I can’t actually clean, I’m making a playlist of my favorite upbeat songs so that I have it when I’m ready to get started. That way, I’ll feel happier about cleaning and I won’t have to delay while I make the playlist.

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