360-photo-teen-infoThree out of four teens share way too much personal information online, which can make them more vulnerable to cybercrime, according to the results of a survey conducted by LifeLock, a company that specializes in identity theft protection. The survey asked more than 700 teens ages 13 to 17 about their online and social networking habits and assessed their awareness of, and engagement in, potentially risky behavior. This is what teens are sharing online that they shouldn’t:

  • 29% said they display their full date of birth, including the year.
  • 33% said they display part of their birth date, such as the month and year.
  • 23% reveal part of their home address.
  • 6% show their full home address.
  • 63% share the name of the school they attend.

While teens are fully aware of the danger of sharing personal information online, they don’t think they’re the worst offenders: Only 11% say they reveal too much about themselves, while 46% say their friends share too much. “With 75% of teenagers including some type of personal information on their social media profiles, it’s clear that they don’t understand the potential danger of oversharing,” said Hilary Schneider, president of LifeLock. “As parents we need to engage in regular conversations with our teens about online behavior and set boundaries.”